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The Magnificent 7 Skydive for Southern Area Hospice

On Thursday 29th August 2024 Seven brave employees of Dynamic Design Consultants Ltd will willing throw themselves out of an airplane to raise money for the Southern Area Hospice.  A charity that our Company has been supporting for over ten years.  Many of our employees have seen first-hand the service and support they offer and we want to remember all of our family and friends that have received specialist palliative care there.  The Southern Area Hospice have shown a level of dignity, respect, compassion, equality, integrity, innovation and excellence at a time when we it was required the most. 


So let’s meet the Magnificent 7…..


Leading from the front as always Mark Bennett Director of Dynamic Design Consultants Ltd.  Mark received a flyer from the Southern Area Hospice for a Corporate Skydive back in February and tried to recruit us all to join him.  I ask him why he was willing doing this and his response was “I have never done anything like this before so as well as getting it off my bucket list, I am also contributing to a very good cause”. I think we need to get our eyes on his bucket list as I’m sure there will be much more to come!


Patrick McAuley our adventure seeker, he’s a pro when it comes to jumping out of planes “I’ve done it twice before while living in Australia and I’m really looking forward to jumping again, this time for a very worthy cause. Another bonus is that the jump site located a couple of miles behind our family farm, so I can carry out a roof inspection of the barns on the way back to earth”  Good on you Patrick, hopefully the roof is in a good state with no repairs required!


Paul Carvill joined Dynamic Design Consultants in March 2023, he has become a vital member to our team and did not hesitate to join the Magnificent 7 when call upon to do so “I have decided to challenge myself by doing a skydive to raise money for the hospice. This cause means a lot to me, and the donations will make a real difference to those who need it most. I have always thought about doing a skydive but never had a real, good reason to throw myself out of a perfectly good plane before, until now”  Great work Paul we know you can do it!


Up next is Peadar Boyle, Peadar is from Newry where the Southern Area Hospice is located.  “I’ve always wanted to skydive, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Being able to raise money for the hospice and a day out of the office” You said it Peadar, it’s definitely a win win!


Chloe Bennett who for me is an inspiration for all the ladies in our office, Chloe is absolutely fearless, she approaches every situation with fierce energy while maintaining a calm demeanor  “I thought I might as well go for it while I still can, and to say that I have done it.  Also, Mark Bennett said he would do it if I did and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see him fall out of a plane lol”.


Our youngest daredevil is Mark Bronte at only 20 years young  “On August 29th 2024, I am going to take the ultimate leap by throwing myself out of a plane, in support of the Southern Area Hospice. Their incredible work in providing care to those in need is truly amazing, and I am willing to do whatever I can to contribute. Fundraising is crucial for the hospice to continue their invaluable services, and I am honoured to be a part of this effort. Together, we can ensure that they have the resources necessary to continue their vital work and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others”.  Mark really hits it home with why we need your help and support.

Our last jumper is Kim Lamont. "I've always wanted to take part in a Skydive, so when Mark asked me and knowing that it was all for Southern Area Hospice, I immediately said yes. Now that the dates looming closer... I'm definitely getting nervous, but excited to hit our fundraising target and support SAH and their incredible work." Yep, I would be nervous too Kim, but like you say it's all to support SAH and the amazing work they do.

Click on the link below and make a difference with a contribution, why don’t you?



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