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Dynamic commissioned to provide consultancy on listed Mews site, Dublin.

The team at Dynamic recently had the privilege of providing consultancy on a listed Mews property being converted for family use.

Mews houses have a rich history that can be traced back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Originally built as stables and carriage houses for the wealthy inhabitants of grand townhouses, these houses played a crucial role in supporting the equestrian lifestyle of the upper class. The term "mews" refers to a row of buildings that were once used to house the horses and carriages of the affluent. These structures were typically situated behind the main townhouses and could only be accessed through a private lane or alley.

The word "mews" originates from the French term "muer," which means to shed or molt, as these buildings were often converted from former stables. As the use of horse-drawn carriages declined and the need for stables decreased, mews houses underwent a transformation. They were repurposed into residential properties, making use of their distinctive architectural elements and secluded locations.

Today, mews houses are highly desirable due to their historical significance and charming aesthetics.


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